Delphi Consulting for manufacturers, government contractors, aerospace and defense firms

"Finding your way in uncertain times"

There is no substitute for superior vision.  You know your business, but do you know where all your future opportunities will come from?  Do you know who to partner with or which products will be in demand, and where or by whom?  Do you know how to approach difficult to enter markets, foreign governments and entrenched bureaucracies?  Delphi has experience dealing with these issues, and is available to provide guidance and real-world solutions.

Delphi Consulting extends your vision. In a landscape of shrinking markets, shifting priorities and ever more aggressive competition, it takes superior vision coupled with industry experience and tactical creativity to win.

We serve international manufacturers, government contractors, and aerospace/defense firms.  With a proven track record and more than 30 years’ experience, we specialize in creating new opportunities for our clients.  It is our mission to assist our clients with a clear path to increased sales – and to guide them along the way.

Industry leaders understand that this is no time for maintaining the status quo. We provide fresh, unique ways to market existing products, find new applications, win new customers and break into new markets.  Come to Delphi Consulting for a fresh perspective on your future.